Posted by: Adam Deane | 11/12/2010

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM and Case Management – Andrew Smith

In the past I have banged on about Case Management not being BPM, and have had a good moan about those vendors and consultants that push case management as if it was / is. However, in my vision of the future, I believe business should see BPM and Case Management as the same thing

On BPM Trends – Alberto Manuel

This one makes me laugh! Social BPM is the capability constructing and executing processes in the cloud among pears, stakeholders, like a cyber insect flooded in information? So wrong. This is marketing malpractice.

On BPM and Mobile Apps – Elise Olding

As BPM professionals I would encourage each of you to develop a close relationship with your smart device. There are countless apps out there – ones that can dramatically increase productivity, enable better sharing of information and provide richer, more easily accessible interactions. Hands on usage may change your perspective and stimulate your creativity when tackling that next process design project

On BPM and EAI – Law Tien Soon

Similarly, there are vendors who are trying to sell a product which is essentially an enterprise service bus, as a BPM solution. But, both are very different. A service bus is meant for EAI, and it’s very much a system-level service orchestration jargon. BPM, on the other hand, is targeted at processes that involve human interaction, which can be monitored and optimized based on how the human participants interact in the flow.

On Process Improvement Personas – Dominique Bourget

Process Terrorists: this type of person are fanatics, they wants process implemented for the sake of process for all aspect of the life of the organization. One could say that this is desirable but the cost of developing and maintaining this enormous process asset library will overcome the potential benefits.

On BPM Potential – Mike Gammage

In the same way, BPM will deliver its full potential when the mindset of executives shifts to recognise the value of a strategic approach to process. Right now, pragmatism at the grassroots is typically driving process adoption. Which is great, but it’s like the early days of electricity adoption, in the first decades of the last century. It was when a standard voltage was adopted, and a grid created, that the real value of electricity could be realised.

On BPM and the Cloud – Jim Sinur

What I have not seen to date are the large impact processes that span multiple business and the dynamic innovation that is promised by the cloud. I hope that I am just being impatient and not being a stogy old BPM dude. I haven’t yet seen that innovation that is promised from the cloud.

On BPM and Social Business – Julie Hunt

Many software solutions are including social capabilities as methods to improve solution usage and value, as well as do a better job of incorporating the importance of the human element. For example, Business Process Management (BPM) solutions encompass practices and tools that are evolving and including more people-oriented methods in terms of social collaboration capabilities.

On BPM and the Public Sector – Priyadharshini Vijayan

Arguably, the strongest ability of BPM would lie in the conversion of experience into tangible action. Using BPM, concepts like the rules engine could be put in place to clearly demarcate the rules that drive each process from the process as a whole. This could mean for instance (in a macro perspective), that some of the governments frequent policy changes could be applied across the board with only a few changes in the rules that apply to the application.

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