Posted by: Adam Deane | 18/12/2010

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM and Business Pain – LaMont Bullock

Most employees in an organization don’t really care about business process management as a platform. They just want the process pain to go away.

On Process and Maintenance – Rod Dunlap

Designing a perfect process before building automation is the traditional approach. But what is the value of perfection and what is the cost? Have you ever been involved in a project that did not need any maintenance? Maintenance can be required to fixes bugs, add enhancements, connect to new functionality or just meet changing business needs. If something is perfect should it require maintenance?

On Managing Processes – Scott Cleveland

Doing that isn’t always easy. Managing processes can be a complex and difficult task. Improving processes often involves changing the way things get done, and may even require a change-management program. Still, by helping us achieve those desired outcomes, BPM creates value, and that makes it worth the effort.

On Process Maps – Mike Gammage

The reality of business process is that most organizations have very incomplete and multiple views, that are not integrated and in a variety of formats. They are also often out of date. And they are especially hazy when it comes to the extended enterprise, to activities that are outsourced.

On BPM and Silos – Andrew Smith

I do feel that the challenges for a more holistic approach are easier than the challenges an organisation faces to implement a single silo in the first place. If anything, the challenge is justifying moving away from individual silos due to the amount of money that has been invested in them over the years

On BPM and Measuring – Setrag Khoshafian

So with BPM using the best BI techniques and disciplines, what gets measured perhaps stands the best chance to get done. But not always. Probably not for complex and strategic measures such as the national debt. Nevertheless, it still stands the best chance to get done!

On BPM and Facebook – Brian Reale

So, let me end with a final thought – when will we see the first 100% Facebook based BPM Software or Workflow software? Sound crazy? I believe it is just around the corner. Some might ask, “who would want to encourage their employees to mix their social activities with such strict business activities?” I reply, “If more than 50% of our email is social or spam, then aren’t we already mixing the social and business? And at this point can they really be disentangled?

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