Posted by: Adam Deane | 24/12/2010

BPM: Humbug!

HumbugScrooge: Humbug!

Adam: Beg your pardon, sir?

Scrooge: Humbug! It’s the end of the year again!

Adam: Yes it is. Merry Christmas Uncle Scrooge!

Scrooge: What so merry about it? It’s a time when you find yourself a year older and not an inch smarter. What reason do you have to be merry?

Adam: It’s a lovely time for reflecting on the past and planning the future. It’s the time of the year when everyone starts making predictions on the “Future of BPM” and creating “BPM Trends” lists.

Scrooge: Bah! They’re not predicting the future. They’re predicting the past.

Adam: Come then, uncle. These are wise reports from our “thought leaders”.

Scrooge: Thought leaders indeed. Humbugs I tell you, humbugs! A lot of fancy guesswork, intuition and luck. Waste of time, that’s what it is.

Adam: Uncle!

Scrooge: Nephew! Keep Christmas in your own way, and let me keep it in mine!

Adam: But you don’t keep it!

Scrooge: Then let me leave it alone. What good has it ever done you?

Adam: Come now, uncle. Surely you can find some benefit in creating BPM trend lists. They provoke thought. They enable you to receive feedback on your ideas. They enable companies to invest in these trends.

Scrooge: Waste! We are here to make money, not spend it.

Adam: Come now, uncle. Show us your festive spirit. What right have you to be dismal? You’re doing well enough. BPM is growing, maybe not in the speed we would like, but it’s slowly getting there.

Scrooge: Well, then, I’ll just have to wait till that happens and meanwhile be tortured by a legion of hobgoblins, all of my own creation! It’s all HUMBUG, I tell you, HUMBUG!

Adam: A merry Christmas, Ebenezer! You old fool!
Oh, and a happy new year to you all! As if you deserve it… humbugs…

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