Posted by: Adam Deane | 21/01/2011

BPM Videos

I was sifting through YouTube trying to find interesting videos on Business Process.
Not an easy task.
Most of the videos were pure marketing babble, but some.. were actually interesting.

BeInformed, a Business Process Management company from the Netherlands, have produced a cute video highlighting their message of “Simplify Business Processes”

I also enjoyed their 2011 Happy new year video: Embrace Complexity – Simplify your organisation

Another video I liked was a good example of how to promote your BPM workshop.
It was made by Konpax to promote a BPM Workshop using Intalio and XMind

But the videos I loved the most were “The BPM Dummies” by Software AG
They created two videos to market their BPM Basics for Dummies book. Loved it!

Enjoy your weekend!

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