Posted by: Adam Deane | 26/01/2011

BPM Skills

“Good judgment comes from experience – and experience comes from bad judgment”

I’ll jump straight in. BPM Skills

The law of “diminishing marginal value” states that the marginal increase in value declines with increase in additional units after a certain point.
Most of the BPMS products are mature. The BPMN standard is defined. Technology, Methodology, Best practices – all set and ready.

Yes, you will always find a new feature to add, or define an additional BPMN property, but the added value they bring to the table is marginal, if at all.

The biggest “added value” you can add to the BPM offering is BPM Skills.
A new customer does not have the required BPM skills to implement a new BPM programme properly.
Sure, the BPMS vendor provides product training, but that is not enough.
And sure, BPM consultancy companies will advise, but that is not enough.
Even the best of products, and the best of advice will not ensure a successful BPM programme.

I have seen more projects get bogged down due to lack of experience, than any other factor.
Wrong decisions, wrong emphasis, wrong approach…

I find myself getting frustrated when I get allocated to an important project, with fantastic people, but inexperienced.
With experience you can spot the train from a mile away. How do you warn others of the train without looking pretentious, without stepping on anyone’s toes, and still be a team player?

People cause projects to succeed, not technology.
People need skills to make the project succeed.
The problem is that these skills come from experience…


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  2. Adam

    Let me share a slightly different view of where the biggest value may be:

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