Posted by: Adam Deane | 04/02/2011

FDBPM – new Standard Business Process Management Methodology

FDBPMFDBPM is a standard business process management methodology.
It’s practiced by many large and medium-sized organisations that have started using BPM
Although it’s low success-rate, the methodology has become midstream, and a leading practice in most organisations

In the 90’s it was used mainly by government offices, but in the past decade it has been embraced by the business sector, mainly by mid-level managers accepting mediocrity as a new type of business strategy.

FDBPM (Faith Driven BPM) can be defined in three short sentences:
1. I believe it will work.
2. I hope it will work
3. If it didn’t work – it wasn’t the design that failed, it was fate.

Best Practices
The methodology’s theme “Build First – Design Later” has been embraced by many successful programme and project managers,
The approach is more layback, less stressful, and enables creativity and independent thinking. This enables the project to run smoothly until the rework phase.

Unlike conventional methodologies, FDBPM needs no formal training.
“Go with your gut feeling” has been found as the most common approach, especially in first-time projects when introducing BPM into the organisation.
Eliminating consultants, and skimping on the design phase – enables the organisation to start developing quicker and enables the developers to spend more time developing from scratch during the rework phase.

Development Approach
Unlike other BPM practices that have embraced the agile development approach,
FDBPM used the waterfall approach: you approach the waterfall, enjoy the beautiful view of the water slashing down the cliff, and then kicked in the bum and sent free-flying over the waterfall.

Like other methodologies, it is important to learn the main building block quotes:
“Go with the flow”
“We will go into details later on”
“We are on schedule, except for the last bits”
“She’ll be right, mate”

Faith Driven BPM is the new BPM – Embrace it


  1. Adam, in line with your last post: If the faith rests with the executive into his people, a ‘Go with your gut’ methodology would actually do wonders for any business and not just for their processes … Max

  2. tststs, Adam, your terminology is incomplete. You forgot to mention
    – Low hanging fruit and
    – Quick wins

    And there is of course the all time winning formula:

    which, as you will no doubt remember inspired Kraftwerk to write song about business processes (or was it models?).

    And I remember Alex Harvey working on a soundtrack to BPM called ‘The Faith Healer’.

  3. Brilliant as always, Adam.

  4. I like it. Its like Dilbert explaining BPM…

  5. Thanks guys for the kind words!

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  7. Its seems that some can’t see the humour!

  8. Would anywone write a “BPM Common Body of Ignorance” in addition to BPM CBOK?

  9. Thanks for this less stressful model; Since it’s faith-based, may I add: I pray it will work? Cheers.

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  11. May I also add: “All we need is more governance”

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