Posted by: Adam Deane | 09/02/2011

BPM Acquisitions

Pot of GoldRight…. Let me see if I remember it correctly

Abraham begat Isaac
and Isaac begat Jacob
Jacob acquires his brother’s birth-right for some bread and pottage of lentils.
Later on Progress acquires Savvion for $49M,
Software AG acquires IDS Scheer for €477M,
Invensys acquires Skelta and IBM acquires Lombardi

So, my congratulations to Metastorm, the last in the biblical line of acquisitions.
Blimey! Another BPM vendor gobbled up.

Although there are many important implications that need to be discussed in a major vendor acquisition such as this, my thoughts were focused on one important question for Metastorm’s employees:

Did you get a bonus?

Cmon guys, really… this is the important stuff.. the industry analysis can wait… Did you get a bonus… How big?…
I’m sure management are looked after… but what about the employees: the guys in the field that work on the BPM projects, the techies, the consultants, the marketing team that write the blog…

Every employee in every software company thinks about it from time to time.
If my company ever gets bought – will I be rich?
Will there be a pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow, or will I have to keep getting up for work every morning…

Surely there must be a bonus, some incentive by the new management…. But how much?…
Are we speaking here about money that will buy a new car, a new house, or just enough to buy a cheese sandwich with pickles?

So… Metastorm… well done on a successful exit.
Well done OpenText on a successful acquisition.
Make sure the employees are looked after…

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