Posted by: Adam Deane | 12/02/2011

BPM Quotes of the week

On Crowd Modeling – Greg Carter

We are seeing spontaneously formed crowds of business people capturing models, sharing them with their colleagues, and then using the resulting models to communicate issues, changes, and recommendations to management, business architects, and even IT.
Crowd-based modeling in the Cloud is becoming a powerful discovery tool and can be an important way for business and enterprise architects to leverage the tacit knowledge spread throughout an organization – and more importantly for senior executives to get more insights into the realities of what is going on in the business.

On BPM ROI – Connie Moore

BPM projects typically deliver 30-50% productivity gains for processes involving primarily back office, clerical staff, and they typically deliver 15-30% productivity gains for processes involving knowledge workers.

On BPM Definitions – Derek Miers

Forrester sees BPM as a broad framework of methods, approaches, techniques and technologies that support organizational change, value optimization and ongoing performance improvement. While some see BPM as a narrow technical approach, Forrester regards BPM as including a wide range of improvement methods such as Lean and Six Sigma, along with customer-centric (outside-in) engagement approaches and organizational change management – each one of these levers ties back to a flexible and adaptable enterprise architecture that implements an evolving business strategy.

On BPM Competitive Advantage – Jaisundar

Waiting for ideal conditions and a perfect time is all very fine. But we are talking about finding competitive advantage here. Not buying art for the office lobby. Either you are in, or you are out. So what it calls for is the round-spherical-objects to pull up socks and take charge and make the move, confront the odds and challenges and make it all work. That’s really leadership and its no surprise that top management participation is sort of a pre-condition for BPM success.

On BPM Theories – Thomas J. Olbrich

BPM is awash with theories. Some develop concepts in order to create a term they hope will be part of the BPM buzzword dictionary (‘Agile’ is an excellent example) others simply recycle existing terminology to become part of the in-crowd.

On Mobile and Analytics – Sandy Kemsley

Mobile information consumption is good, and possibly sufficient for some users, but I still think that most people need the ability to take action on the analytics, not just view them.

On BPM Questions – Scott Francis

There is one question one should always ask in software, and in particular when designing a BPM solution:
How do you do that now?

On Cloud Services – Mike Gammage

Some of them are very large organizations which have made strategic commitments to a Cloud services, then spent millions on implementations that have failed. Not just ‘under-performed’ but totally failed in a ‘switched it off and don’t use it at all’ sort of way.

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