Posted by: Adam Deane | 16/02/2011

BPM: Analyst Relations

Analyst RelationsEvery week I receive a couple of emails from BPM vendors, via their analyst relations agents, inviting me to see their product and meet the company head.

I kindly thank them for their offer, but politely decline.
I work for a BPM software vendor.
Meeting potential competitors would be a conflict of interests, unethical and misleading.

Discussing views with others is valid. Promoting other’s achievements is also valid.
(though I bet the sales team probably frown when they read some of my posts).
I don’t do marketing or paid promotions. WordPress is a free platform. It doesn’t cost me money. Just my time, effort and creativity (…and cynicism).
I enjoy blogging about BPM. I’m happy to promote things that I find interesting, and things I think others will find interesting as well.

I’m more than happy to continue receiving your ideas and things that the industry will find interesting.
Don’t send me marketing rubbish,”white papers”, “industry news” and marketing babble (I don’t send you used tissues every time I sneeze)
Don’t be lazy. Don’t expect me to read your white paper and find your competitive edge, your best features, your innovative ideas.
Be smart, be imaginative, be inspiring. Things that I find interesting – others will find interesting too.

Right.. so after that intro let me offer you my thoughts on how to promote your company within the industry if I were in your shoes.

Industry Analysts
I’ve explained the importance of industry analysts .
Industry Analysts listen to customers, they have an impact on vendor strategy, and can have an impact on vendor sales.

BPM Consultancy Companies
A sales lead from them is probably one of the most qualified leads you’ll ever get.
They meet customers. They are their trusted advisors.

Independent consultants and people in the field
Again. They are the customer’s trusted advisors. They are physically sitting in their offices. They are part of their team. Their voice counts.
People in the field have an enormous impact on decisions.
(In the last couple of years I have unintentionally convinced two organisations to move to SharePoint. (…I know… I am going to hell for this…)

So who are these industry influencers
First a precaution… I not recommending using their services (don’t sue me…), but I am recommending contacting them to see if there is a fit.

Industry Analysts

Sandy Kemsley
Sandy Kemsley – Probably the most influential analyst in the BPM industry.
An independent analyst and systems architect, specializing in business process management, Enterprise 2.0, enterprise architecture and business intelligence

Neil Ward-Dutton
Neil Ward-Dutton – one of Europe’s most experienced and high-profile IT industry analysts, and the leading Research Director for MWD, a European IT advisory firm (BPM, EA, SOA and IT governance)

Clay Richardson
Clay Richardson – Forrester’s senior BPM analyst, very active in research and in the BPM industry community.
A leading expert on business process management software, services, and methodologies

Derek Miers
Derek Miers – Forrester’s senior BPM analyst – an internationally recognized expert in business process management and organizational transformation

Connie Moore
Connie Moore – Forrester’s VP Research Director – leads a team that provides advice and research focused on application strategy, business process management, customer relationship management, human resource management, and financial processes

Elise Olding
Elise Olding – Gartner’s BPM Research Director – a research director in Gartner’s Business Process Management (BPM) group, providing research on a worldwide basis, advising clients on BPM implementation practices

Jim Sinur
Jim Sinur – Probably one of the most influential people in the BPM industry.
Gartner’s vice president, helped establish the BPI/BPM areas at Gartner and is considered a thought leader on BPM.

BPM Consultancy Companies and independent BPM consultants
A bit trickier to define as the list is long.
Finding a BPM consultancy company that is not aligned to a specific software solution is also difficult. I’ll let you look for them…
Note of caution: Beware of marketing companies that offer paid reviews. They are a waste of money and counter-productive

Unlike PR reps that just spam, nag and manipulate and clutter the web with useless information – Analyst Relations has an important role – briefing industry analysts and industry influencers about their company’s strategy, products and services; help with research requests; and generally try to persuade these influential third parties to represent them in the best possible light.

I’m happy to continue to receive updates on your products, your initiatives and achievements in the BPM industry.
I’m more than happy to highlight them in my blog if I think that they would be interest my readers.
But take into consideration that I’m not an industry analyst, and I work for a BPM software vendor.

… and not to forget, my disclaimer: The views in this blog, while intelligent and always right, are strictly my own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employers or anyone else.


  1. Adam, thanks for the inclusion (and placement) in this list — almost missed it because I was on vacation for a week!

  2. Terrific list. I note with approval the inclusion of Sandy and Clay, who, in my experience, are two of the most clear-sighted, thoughtful folks around when it comes to BPM.

  3. Belatedly Adam – thanks very much indeed for the inclusion. I don’t have Sandy’s excuse, I’ve been working all week…
    Keep up the excellent work

  4. great and helpfull news about a growing and more and more important business issue.

  5. Thanks for the kind words. I owe you a drink 🙂

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