Posted by: Adam Deane | 26/02/2011

EA and Business Process Quotes of the week

On Business Process Architecture – Bruce Silver

I would like to see the architects’ “process” domain reserved for models that respect BPMN’s conception of activity and process, with defined relationships to related notions like capabilities, functions, and value stream fragments, rather than blur them together, as they seem to do today. This would go a long way toward unifying “enterprise BPM” with the process modeling standard.

On IT Architects – Chris Lockhart

If your team doesn’t have the proper job descriptions that speak to the inherent value of those positions to the business, then your own security and influence is at risk. Hence the need to ensure all of those technical writers and developers and DBA’s you have are all now known as ‘Architects’. Architecture is, after all, where solution decision making power comes from, right?

On Business Process and Enterprise Architecture – Alberto Manuel

Enterprise architecture plays a key role in ensuring alignment between processes, technology and the organization, yet I see difficulty in becoming something dynamic because of the continued lack of governance in strategy and business processes.
Enterprise architecture seems to be used for the discovery and definition of processes, but then fails in its evolution.

On Business Architecture – Alexander Samarin

Informally speaking, BA defines how work gets done within an enterprise. How work gets done is, of course, not completely unknown, but the knowledge is diffused throughout different instructions, strategic papers, reports, e-mails and in peoples’ heads. The aim of BA is to make this knowledge explicit, i.e. formal, externalized and operational, so it can be used for decision making, operating control, daily work, knowledge transfer, etc.

On BPM and EA – Doug Mow

It is important to collaborate with enterprise architecture (EA) as EA is crucial to the IT environment. If BPM projects are being led by the business side of the house, it seems like this is the ultimate showdown between business and IT


  1. Thanks, Adam. A good selection of opinions on BPM and (business & enterprise) architecture. I am absolute agreement and have written and posted on this requirement over the last years. Sorry for the many links but its easier than writing an extremely long comment:

  2. […] Since the days of Ford and Taylor, businesses are managed through decomposition in automated and business-wide reusable functions, linked by simple cause and effect chains which are then controlled by common objectives. Not much has changed despite advancements such as Balanced Scorecards and Strategy Maps. Find in the following some thoughts regarding architecture and processes, triggered by Adam Dean’s weekly list of BPM posts. […]

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