Posted by: Adam Deane | 28/02/2011

Upstairs Downstairs

Upstairs DownstairsI’m here to see the master of the house, said the salesman.

Business or Service? asked the butler.
Service, replied the old salesman.. But it’s for the business!
The service entrance is behind the house, said the butler.
Please do not use the front entrance for service visits.

But I’m Microsoft! said the salesman in astonishment. I’m usually let in the front door.
Sorry, replied the butler, But rules are rules. Please use the service entrance.

Good morning said the salesman. I’m here to see the master of the house.
Customer Relations or Business Process? asked the Housekeeper.
Well… said the salesman, scratching his head. It’s a bit of both…
Is it a service we ordered? enquired the Housekeeper.
Well.. no, said the salesman. But I’m sure you’ll need it!
If we didn’t order the service, you will need to discuss it with the Head Maid.
Third door on the left.

Good morning, said the Head Maid. May I help you?
Good morning replied the tired salesman. I’m here to see the master of the house.
CRM or BPM related? asked the Head Maid

It’s a bit of both, he replied. It’s Microsoft’s new business service called CRM 2011.
CRM 2011 includes a business process engine that lets power users and administrators develop wizard-driven workflows

I never bet on human beings. They’re much too unpredictable, replied the head maid.
You will need to talk to footman. He is just around the corner, in the back house….

The Master of the house turned his head from the window and smiled.
John, you do enjoy toying with these salesmen don’t you. Which trick are they trying to use this time.
Microsoft are trying to sneak workflows in through the back door, sir, replied the head of service
Didn’t they try selling BPM though their BizTalk server solution? asked the master.
Yes sir. It failed miserably.
Didn’t the CRM bubble burst a few years ago?
Yes sir, replied the head of service. It failed miserably.
So now they are trying to add BPM to CRM and sneak it in through our back door?
Yes sir, replied the head of service. They are calling it social CRM.
Noval idea, said the master of the house. Only Microsoft would try to transplant a BPM heart into a dead body…

Should I let them in, enquired the head of service.
Not yet, said the master of the house with a smile… Let them prove their worth first.
‘BPM’ is an epithet which the riff-raff apply to what is respectable, and the aristocracy to what is decent’.


  1. Great article to start the Monday morning. Thanks!

  2. A great article Adam!

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