Posted by: Adam Deane | 04/03/2011

The BPM Bubble

BPM Bubble“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”, said George Santayana

BPM is not in a bubble, nor do I believe it is becoming a bubble, but learning from other’s mistakes is always smarter than learning from your own.

I was reading Laurence Buchanan’s blog on how the CRM industry bubble burst:

CRM went through boom and bust because:

  • As an industry we applied a technology-centric solution to a business problem. Both vendors and consultants positioned technology as a silver bullet
  • Powerful technology was used and abused with little thought given to the customer experience
  • Nothing like enough attention was given to the people / change aspects of customer-centric transformation.
    I have personally seen call centre agents with a shiny new CRM system, hang up on customer’s as they answer the call in order to try and get their AHT down! Incentives drive behaviour more than any technology.
  • Front office technology was layered on top of fragile back-office foundations. CRM exposed toxic data and processes directly to customers.
  • Projects bit off more than they could chew. CRM is an elephant. Eating an elephant requires bite-sized chunks.

It’s easy to sit back, smile and say da!, but it’s a lesson worth learning from.
It happened to them. It could happen to us if we are not careful.

The CRM industry is enjoying a steady growth nowadays.
They have learnt from their mistakes, and are slowly building solid customer solutions.
They are one of BPM’s neighbours. I have been seeing quite a lot of activity around them lately.
Maybe we should pop in and say hello…

Enjoy your weekend


  1. […] I have often tried to do in the past. A prominent answer could help. May be any skepticism around BPM being a bubble could be then erased, apart from help from some other learning that Adam also hinted at from CRM […]

  2. Very recognizable.

    The promise “If you install Siebel, you are doing CRM”.
    2011: If you install a BPMS, you are doing BPM.

    Adopting technology is something completely different than actually governing the assets involved.

    A post from 2006!

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