Posted by: Adam Deane | 25/03/2011

Explaining BPM

Explaining BPM
I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and articles lately that to try “explain” BPM.
Every time someone talks about “explaining”, I like to stop them and tell a little joke:

A drunken Irishman walks into the bank.
He goes up to the teller, slams a cheque on the table and says:
“Give me me money!”
Sure, says the teller kindly. All you need is to sign your name on the back of the cheque.

Give Me Me Money! yells the drunk.
But sir, says the teller. You need to sign the cheque on the back so I can give you the money.

GIVE ME ME MONEY! yells the drunk again.

The bank manager walks across to the teller and asks her what all the commotion is about.
He doesn’t want to sign the back of the cheque. Without it I can’t give him his money, says the teller.

The bank manager walks towards the drunk, then thumps him on his ears and yells “Sign the bl@@dy cheque on the back”.
The drunk turns the cheque over and signs. The bank manager walks back to his office.

Puzzled, as the teller gives him the money, she asks him: why didn’t you sign the cheque when I told you to.

The drunk leans forward and whispers to her quietly: You told – He explained


  1. Hi Adam, love the joke. We have it translated to Austria as well.

    So you are saying we should hit our prospects over the head to use BPM and not explain it to them? Hm, fits the whole control-mindset of BPM. But I hate to admit that there are more ‘drunk-stubborn’ IT and business management people than I would care to admit …

    Still doesn’t fit my mindset. You have your process-control-illusion and I have my people-empowerment-ideal. I guess these are the two far ends of what is happening. Which is why I say that a single BPMS needs to allow for all kinds of mindsets to be used in business. I don’t tell them how to do it, I just create opportunities.

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