Posted by: Adam Deane | 26/03/2011

BPM Quotes of the week

On the business value of BPM – Gary Comerford

It’s the one question the C-suite will always want to have an answer for: “What is the business value of BPM?”
But what are they really asking? The answer is simple. They want to know – at the very lowest level – “If I spend $xm implementing this thing you call BPM – what will it do to my bottom line? Or, more precisely, how will it increase my profits/ value/ shareholder return?” It’s an exceedingly simple question. But one which does not have an easy answer.

On BPM and Simulation – Geoff Hook

The potential users of the simulation in the BPM field are likely to be in the majority fairly inexperienced with simulation. Some may come to initially ‘try it out’ and then hopefully begin to use the technology to get business value. Simulation is a powerful approach to process optimisation and improving business performance and whilst simulation can provide a wide range of information about the process being studied it is important to be very clear as to the objective at the outset.

On BPM and Mobile – Jon G Ryder

I recently read somewhere that BPM and particularly mobile BPM, is a technology waiting for a problem to solve. The truth is that those of us deploying this technology are getting on with the job of helping our clients to address their critical process issues, concerns and pains; rather than waiting for the perfect storm (mobile technology, bpm technology and market awareness) which is some way off, and if some commentators are to be believed, may never actually happen!

On Visual BPM – Chris Taylor

People are visual. We ‘get’ what we can see, which is why we love whiteboards, clever logos, PowerPoint (…when it is used graphically) and video. Why does BPM need to be any different when the technology exists to see the World of our work and find our place within it? Because ‘experts’ are choosing our entertainment!?

On The Goal of ACM – Jacob Ukelson

For me, the prime goal of ACM is to provide process oriented tools for knowledge workers (augmenting the collaboration tools they already use) – not primarily a way to extend BPMS. Something that I can use to help me in my daily tasks. I’ll wager that none of us use a BPMS for our daily work

On Social BPM – Thomas J. Olbrich

Process awareness is a good starting point towards social BPM but with more than 50% of employees unable to explain their tasks in the context of a process, what would people actually talk about? There’s still a lot of ground to be covered before BPM and social BPM can deliver on their promises.

On Social BPM and Game Theory – Clay Richardson

I can see game dynamics and game theory fitting nicely into dynamic business process and dynamic case management environments where team members need to work toward a specific goal – particularly for highly specialized teams where team member collaboration is essential for success. I can also see game dynamics – also known as “gamificiation” – used to drive greater process engagement and guidance patterns for new generations of workers.

On Social BPM – Ian Gotts

Social + BPM seems like a winning combination. Technology is enabling collaboration to improve processes and get the job done spanning geographical, time and inter-company barriers. Think of it as a form of crowd sourcing. Engaging customers, companies and suppliers – the entire end to end process – to deliver better results.

On BPM UI Development – Scott Francis

Your biggest risk in the project is that you’re requirements are wrong or misunderstood. Your best expression of requirements is typically the User Interface.

On BPM Strategy – Mike Gammage

BPM is moving from being the domain of the CIO, to become the concern of the COO (Lean and operational excellence across an increasingly virtual sourcing environment ) and the CFO (risk, controls and compliance) and the CEO (continuous improvement and M&A support).

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