Posted by: Adam Deane | 09/04/2011

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM Implementations – John Reynolds

When the business folks hit the technical hurdles, and the technical folks hit the business challenges, there’s great incentive to find “another way” that gets the team to the solution sooner. Shared misery builds strong bonds.
The core of our ideal BPM implementation team are two individuals; the Business Lead and the Technical Lead.

On BPM and BPA – Mark Cotgrove

BPA is being subsumed into BPMS Look at the acquisitions in the last couple of years and you’ll see that many of the standalone BPA vendors have been swallowed, presumably with the aim of simply becoming the precursor software to the BPMS. and in many cases the BPA software revenues are a tiny part of the whole

On Process Apps – Phil Ayres

Being able to work with a customer remotely who doesn’t have time to really speak to you, or any real wish to speak to you, makes any sensible change to the current business processes really hard. The best business process implementations come with a change to the way work is done, not just moving it “to the cloud”. Apps give the impression that we can just install and go.

On BPM Projects – Scott Francis

Because the biggest risk to budget, or even success, of BPM projects, is getting the requirements wrong. As I often tell our team: “No, you’re not going to get good requirements up front for this project. And if you do, they’re probably wrong.” We have to approach projects with an open mind toward how requirements will evolve.

On BPM ROI – Thomas J. Olbrich

It’s oftentimes the same with BPM projects. The benefit they give to your organisation in terms of improving efficiency and the ability to do the job better are more intangible than tangible

On BPM Platforms – Ashish Bhagwat

BPM platforms, however, provide the ability to go back and forth between the technology driven implementation and the business driven projects. Too much control offered on underlying wiring, and you need seasoned practitioners.

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