Posted by: Adam Deane | 30/04/2011

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM and Case Management – Sandy Kemsley

Case management is a *process* style, not something completely different from process. Business process management, in its most generic form, doesn’t mean structured process management, although that’s how some people choose to define it.

On Dynamic BPM – Paul Lewis

Gartner’s definition of dynamic BPM is the ability to support process change by any role, at any time, with very low latency. Change agents include everyone from customers and business people through business and process analysts, and on to architects and developers

On BPM and ERP – Chris Taylor

Layering BPM on top of ERP is the only way to differentiate your business and manage the true end-to-end picture of what you do

On BPM and ERP – Roeland Loggen

So you have this big ERP system (or maybe even multiple). And you experience repeatedly how difficult it is to move from a datacentric to a agile process centric application view…. Adapting processes is a pain? UI is outdated? Connecting to eCommerce frontend a nightmare?

Then a BPMS supplier comes in, and sells you this great new layer of technology.

On BPM and CRM – Brian Reale

There is a reason CRM Software is currently a $10 billion dollar a year market while the BPM Software Market is expected to hit $5 Billion by 2017. See the irony, there? Also, much of it depends on where you draw the line. Most CRM software already has some workflow software type functionality, albeit weak or insufficient

On BPMN and EPC – Ivo Velitchkov

A business process model is meant to show some structure and behaviour patterns that are known or at least expected with a good degree of certainty. For processes with high uncertainty, using a notation – no matter how good – would not be as useful as for well structured processes.

On BPM and ACM – Sanooj Kutty

A superior management approach would let one realize that every process is different and neither BPM nor ACM on their will not be successful all the time. Just as a hybrid technique depending on the employee helps manage employees better, a hybrid approach to BPM and ACM depending on the behavior of the process would be best advised

On ACM – Jacob Ukelson

In my mind she is describing exactly the domain that ACM targets – with the goals of ensuring that “small failures” don’t go unnoticed and cause a catastropic failure, and gathering information about the actual execution of the process to facilitate best practice creation and learning

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