Posted by: Adam Deane | 30/04/2011

Business Process Quotes

On Business Processes – Mihnea Galeteanu

When something goes wrong, it’s either because there is too much process, too little process or the wrong process. Likewise, when something goes right, it’s because the right resources (people or systems) were engaged at the right time. What dictates that is again a process. Too often however, what differentiates something going wrong from something going right is nuance or context if you will.

On Process and Knowledge Workers – Mike Gammage

A huge proportion of us are knowledge workers. We don’t do physical stuff. As McKinsey has pointed out, most executives find it extremely hard to understand what information workers do. There’s no production line, nothing tangible to manage; so they often adopt ‘scatter-gun approaches’ to improving knowledge worker productivity

On Business Processes – Max J. Pucher

It is necessary to concede that a business is what it does, and not what the CEO or organization department wants or what a marketing department describes in a value proposition. How a business does processes is defined by how employees actually perform customer service. A game is defined by what players do and not by strategy or plans. We all know that hardly anything goes according to plan.

On BPM and Automation – Anonymous

BPM isn’t just about automation – it’s about transforming and improving the way that your organization operates. BPM is about changing the way you engage your knowledge workers to drive positive, meaningful change across the enterprise

On BPM Frameworks – Tom Molyneux

Reference frameworks like APQC and SCOR have encouraged businesses to adopt the more and more of a common way of experessing process. Even in the BPM world, the ever growing use of process templates and accelerators has reinforced this standardization.

On BPM and Strategy – Connie Moore

You can set a strategic direction, envision a new future, transform your processes, and so forth, but your existing culture can completely eat your new strategy for lunch. To overcome this very real problem, you have to take concrete actions to change the culture. And that’s a tall order for any business process executive

On Process Documentation – Ian Gotts

Governance is important. You wouldn’t be happy with ungoverned inventory control data, accounting information, or software code so why would you be happy with the DNA of the business – process documentation – being ungoverned

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