Posted by: Adam Deane | 02/05/2011

Behind the scenes

OsamaWife: Osama! Come to the table. Your dinner is getting cold!

Osama: Stop yelling woman! Can’t you see I’m busy watching TV

Wife: What’s so important that you can’t take a break to eat?

Osama: I’m in the middle of CSI!

Wife: Can’t it wait? Your dinner is getting cold. You get grumpy when your dinner is cold.

Osama: Damn it woman! Let me watch CSI in peace. I didn’t disturb you when you were watching the Royal infidel wedding on Friday.

Wife: It was so beautiful. The British know how to organise a wedding. So amazing!

Osama: Yes, yes… amazing. Now leave me in peace to watch CSI

Wife: The British are so organised, so meticulous.. Everything run on time, no mistakes.. Practice makes perfect.

Osama: Yes, yes.. so the British infidels are good at project management. Big deal!

Wife: As you know, everything comes down to preparation. The British always take their time and do things properly.

Osama: Yes, yes.. properly. Can I go back to watching TV now?

Wife: I don’t think the Americans could of pulled off a wedding like that. They would probably do an over-the-top version with advertisements during the ceremony.

Osama: Don’t underestimate them. The infidel Americans will not like to be outdone by the British. They will need to pull off a bigger stunt now. Mark my word.

Wife: I think you’re over-reacting, dear.

Osama: (Buzzing in the background) What’s that bl***y noise now!
Can’t a guy get some peace and quiet to watch TV in his own home!

Wife (looking out of the window): Nothing dear, it’s only a couple of helicopters landing in our backyard.

Osama: S***


  1. 🙂

  2. I am not sure I would say that this is an upstaging of the wedding but more about the U.S. providing a no-nonsense response to the British feelgood factor about the financial meltdown that both instituted.

    In short, the Brits have a wedding to make us forget about it, as well as raise some much needed dosh locally for charity that is not likely to now get support otherwise. By contrast, the Americans have to go out and shoot somebody to help us forgeddaboutit.

    Both still leave us all financially in the sh*t nonetheless, and not to mention all the hell to pay with the environment. I think it’s more of a case of the time to drop the “T” and have a War on Error!!

    Firstly, shoot or string/hang up the bankers who sold prime mortgages with nothing to back it up, as well as those idiots who bought the bad debt resulting from it here without any way to support or otherwise account for interest repayments needed on it. Why should I/we pay taxes to support poor lending practices that were simply not sustainable?? Lehmann Brothers ought not to have been the only investment bank to go under.

    So what now?? Will the bankers pay Robin Hood tax, or will they just pass it on to the customers in higher bank and interest charges while still pocketing their big fat cat bonuses. I think it is more we need a Robin Hood to do the dirty deed in taking back that which they took out, and rather than a tax in his name that will just hit us up exactly the same….

  3. On a more serious note, but with apologies to Melchior (who may or may not be serious), the following blog on this might be interesting for anyone mad or brave enough to want to see the actual evidence online:

    P.S. Gonna cross-link this blog with that, as want to get my favourite BPM guy together with my man and his Secure Thinking – and are you part of my LinkedIn group, Adam? Would be good to see your blogs posted in there as well as getting more integrated thinking (which is my bag) happenin’…

    Cheers and Cheerios for now!


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