Posted by: Adam Deane | 07/05/2011

BPM Quotes of the week

On Case Management – Brian Reale

Case Management moves like a chess game. It is very easy to see, list, or even draw the “results” of a chess game once the game has finished (just look at your local newspaper if you don’t believe me). However, it is impossible and useless to try and draw or model the possible permutations of any given chess game before it happens

On Social BPM – Max J. Pucher

BPM is in my mind the opposite of empowerment. Therefore I see a huge gap between BPM and Social. The claim that BPM collaboration and communication patterns can now be referred to as “social computing” is in my mind very far-fetched.

On Social BPM – Ben Farrell

BPM software will only reach its true potential when more people inside (and outside) the organization get involved. Social BPM is a great way to extend the reach and impact of the technology across an organization – to get more people to “Be Part of the Process,”

On Social BPM – Chris Taylor

I’ll admit, ‘social’ can strike fear into the hearts of the traditionalist (and/or control freak), and social BPM is no different. Will making my processes open to all lead to chaos and anarchy? I would argue the opposite is true

On BPM and POCs – Chris Lockhart

Why do we have folks in our companies today that insist the first thing that should be done to address a business or technical problem is to get a demo set up of all the latest gee-whiz tech? There isn’t an attempt to identify, localize and describe the problem. There isn’t an attempt to draft any real set of requirements for how the company would like to see the problem addressed. The gut instinct seems to be to call up the vendors and get a proof of concept set up for that new BPM tooling or cloud middleware component.

On Change Management – Lance Gibbs

So what is Change Management about? It’s really about taking the human aspect and getting extremely serious about ensuring the crew of your ship you just built is actually recruited. In Phil’s words, “There is no such thing as organizational change; only individual change summated is organizational change. The unit of change is without a doubt the individual”. Absolutely true!

On BPM and BI – Ian Gotts

We are seeing those organisations who have implemented BI having a better view of performance shortcomings, and using BPM to improve them. This often identifies a need to change the BI system to collect different metrics, which means reimplementing BI. Those that start with BPM can, in parallel, identify the business activities and the supporting metrics which are required from the BI system. So do it only once.

On Business Transformation – Todd Lohr

I define Business Transformation as a business management concept that includes a defined framework, methodology, and roadmap to fundamentally and substantially transform a business, to achieve financial or operational results. Apart from a process-focus it is imperative that transformation efforts include a defined and comprehensive methodology

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