Posted by: Adam Deane | 14/05/2011

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM and Simulation – Bruce Silver

Probably no aspect of BPM has underperformed versus expectations more than simulation. It should be a valuable tool that is commonly used in the course of process analysis… but it’s just not.

On BPM Service Firms – Scott Francis

If your organizational goal is to learn how to fish in the BPM pond, rather than to have a services provider serve you dinner, then the boutique firm will line up better with your needs. Those big firms have big billable and staffing targets to hit and they’re going to unload the bus. Yet, a highly skilled team of 4-6 people can make a huge impact on your global BPM efforts.

On BPM and Organizational Culture – Elise Olding

I believe that there is a strong connection between how brittle processes are and how inflexible (or change-averse) the culture is. Focusing process efforts on goals such as efficiency and standardization tend to reinforce more rigidity in the organization’s culture. There is little room for improvisation and no tolerance for failure.

On BPM and Dynamic Change – MA Ketabchi

To invest in BPM without being able to put power into the hands of the business user would be like installing a new safety mechanism in an aeroplane, but not making it accessible to the flight attendants.

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