Posted by: Adam Deane | 11/06/2011

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM and Trigger Mining – Keith Swenson

This is a form of process mining: you mine the patterns of care from the raw data. You then compare the patters, to find patterns that a similar at some points in time, but divergent at other points of time. Attempting to determine the triggers or indicators of the divergence is a lot like the effort known as decision mining where you try to determine the reason for a particular course of events when compare to other, divergent courses of events. Look forward to more of this in the future, I think this is very promising.

On BPM and Politics – Scott Francis

The politics around the particulars within a process are there – and you have to manage them – but the success or failure of your project depends more upon the leadership of your team and the sponsorship of executives – not the politicking of tweaks in the process

On Mobile BPM – Ben Farrell

After years of technologies like Facebook and Twitter showing consumers what technology can do, it is time BPM systems start taking advantage of the new paradigm and exposing data, events, and tasks to their users with greater flexibility.

On BPM and Business Users – Sandy Kemsley

Their business analysts actually design the processes, involving the developers only for the technical bindings; this means that the BAs do about 50% of the “development”, which is what all of the BPMS vendors will tell you should be happening, but rarely actually happens in practice

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