Posted by: Adam Deane | 18/06/2011

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM ROI – Chris Taylor

BPM’s Transformational ROI is a challenge to use in calculators because when the numbers come in, it becomes a tough sell. How to calculate the value of a business process management initiative to connect all users to a single, governed, source of both process and all of the contextual information that goes with it? I call this Transformation ROI because it is the benefit of doing something so fundamental that it doesn’t only create benefits that fit neatly into three categories of increase revenue, avoid cost or improve service. This is the future of BPM beyond automation and holds enormous promise.

On Pragmatic BPM – Franz Schubert

What always strikes me the most when speaking to people in the business process management space is the dedication to discover and model business processes in detail and in doing so, spending tens of thousands of dollars and years identifying possible business flows, rules, exceptions, redesigning them, getting employee buy-in etc. without even touching a single benefit of process management and saving a single dollar

On BPM ‘As-Is’ vs ‘To-Be’ – Gary Comerford

It attempted to identify specific reasons why it is important to perform an ‘As-is’ review prior to starting any work on the ‘To-be’ status. Unfortunately not many people are willing to do this. They quote reasons such as ‘If we’re not going to be using the ‘As-is’ state in future then there’s no reason to waste time actually documenting it. It’s a zero-gain effort

On Process Design and Brown Paper – Alberto Manuel

There is no way to provide a format that allows people to write their ideas like writing on paper. Ahh you can say yes there is. Well try to watch how people behave when they are writing and try to the same on a paperless system (my group finished idea generation first and I kept looking to the other group expressing it’s ideas).

On Process Management – Roeland Loggen

getting tired of the many people I meet that still associate process management first and most of all with documenting processes. Almost like a reflex “Ah, we will work with processes, so… we need to model and document this/all processes”. Sure it can help, but first of all it’s not the only action a business can take. And second it may definitely not be the right action – other actions might add much more value.

On BPM Consultants – Scott Francis

The problem for the consultants themselves is that they have to be working and selling at the same time. And if they sell work, but the timing doesn’t work for their current project, they have conflicts. And if they wait to sell until the previous project is finished they can end up with significant bench time. Added to that, they often get held over the barrel on rates because customers assume they can’t afford to sit out the market and wait for a better deal.

On BPM Templates and Frameworks – John Reynolds

Historically the Technical folks have built the Templates and the Business folks have “filled them in” (usually using wizards) – but our BPM Suites are showing us that the converse can be equally as powerful – Business can build some of the Templates (for the process) and the Techies can “fill in the details”.

On BPM and Customer Experience – Sanooj Kutty

And what better way than to be inspired by the principles of Business Process Management and Business Architecture to create what I call my Customer Experience Model. A Model driven by the invisible Holy Trinity of any organization’s customer management – Information, Communication and Ambition

On BPM and Process Documentation – Mike Gammage

“It’s across the business, driven from the center” he went on. “The trouble is that we define the processes but nobody seems to bother about following them. They’re too difficult to understand. So we have a lot of compliance issues.”

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