Posted by: Adam Deane | 02/07/2011

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM and CIO – Mike Gammage

Most CIOs have invested heavily for several years in BPM – most controversially, in teams of enterprise architects and process analysts who have engaged in building elaborate enterprise process models. But CIOs also know how little value this investment has created.

On BPM and Reality – Frank Buytendijk

Don’t be like the prisoner, mistaking graphs and diagrams for reality. Reality, or the most approximate thing to it, is in conversations between you and your customers. The more you try to model them, style them, and simplify them, the more abstract they become, the more of a shadow of reality they are

On BPMN – Anatoly Belychook

Novice BPMN users love lanes and use them at first excercises with enthusiasm. However using lanes won’t allow showing the process “happy path” which arguably is more valuable from ease of perception standpoint. Moreover, when dealing with large processes there is no room for lanes at all. There is a general rule applicable to any notation including BPMN. The number of activities at any diagram level should not exceed 7-9. Otherwise the scheme becomes too difficult to perceive.

On ACM – Keith Swenson

Far more important is a focus on how knowledge workers can define processes emergently as they do the work, and to be able to copy what they did previously for reuse. In ACM, there must be no separation between planning and working, instead you are always planning while you work.

On BPM and Change Management – Jaisundar

It seems to me that almost any firm running a BPM initiative acknowledges the need for change management at the beginning, but not all of them actually take the effort to address it directly and methodically as the initiative rolls forward

On BPM and Maintenance – Suyash Khot

No creation can sustain for long without a plan for maintenance. No matter how bulletproof the code is and how many testing iterations you have gone through, there will be changes requested or defects discovered in production. A BPM project, be it waterfall or agile methodology, will evolve as the company’s business evolves and a sound maintenance plan is instrumental in responding to that evolution.

On BPM and Social – Andrew Smith

There are no doubt many benefits of embracing social with BPM and ECM. Think of all the business decisions that get “lost” because they were made in a conversation, the reasoning why a processes is the way it is, lost because it was all decided in a social fashion that was not captured. So the benefit of capturing social interactions is plain to see.

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