Posted by: Adam Deane | 09/07/2011

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPMN – Anatoly Belychook

we are not in position to say to business “your procedure is too cumbersome, I can’t implement it with BPMN/BPMS so you have to streamline it”. Sure you may and should warn business that implementing the procedure this way would be harder and more expensive but it should be doable. Never give lightweight advices to business – it has issues to solve and compromises to find while dealing with matters more complicated than BPMN

On Enterprise BPM – Rob Davis

Traditionally the IT Architects called what they did “Enterprise Architecture”, but in practice they only considered IT and data. However the demands of the business today require people who can understand, not just the IT landscape, but all the key elements of the business and how they interact. We need a new breed of modellers and architects (true Enterprise Architects) who can put the “E” back into Enterprise Architecture to fully support Enterprise BPM (EBPM)

On BPM and Taylorism – Peter Evans-Greenwood

The focus of business is, and always has been, problems and the people who solve them. Technology is simply a tool we’ve used to amplify these people, starting with the invention of writing through to modern SaaS applications and BPM suites. While technology has had a previously unimaginable impact on business, it can’t (yet) replace the people who solve the problems which create all the value

On Social BPM – Kevin Haugh

In the past year or so the social term and its capabilities has been attached to BPM… Social BPM design and Social BPM iteration. I would argue that a third implementation of Social BPM involves social process participation, absent any explicit effort to design or iterate the process.

On Social BPM – Marco Brambilla

Despite (or maybe because of) the vast discussion on whether this is just a buzzword, a lipstick on a pig, or even a bad practice for BPM, I have to say that I see a continuously rising attention on Social BPM.

On Social BPM – Max J. Pucher

Social Networks are Complex Adaptive Systems and thus one cannot slap social communication onto a rigid process management infrastructure and ‘hey, presto – its social.’ Flowcharts are complicated and social networks are complex! The science of social networks doesn’t enhance BPM, but should be heard as the bell that tolls for flowchart illusions.

On BPM and Change Management – Ben Farrell

BPM is a transformational technology, so effective change management is a must to ensure adoption, use and success. When starting out, looking for the right type of first project: one that is strategic enough to deliver real value, but that can be rolled out rapidly enough to maintain executive attention and sponsorship.

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