Posted by: Adam Deane | 16/07/2011

BPM Quotes of the week

On Organizational Processes – Marbey Hidalgo

Having an organization does not mean you must create Processes to accomplish work; Processes exist because you have an organization. The work is already being done – the real effort is in understanding and shaping that work for profitable results for both you and your customers

On BPM/ECM Procurement – Sanooj Kutty

While features and cost are extremely important when choosing your solution, it is important to also look at the future of the solution in your organization. That does not come from version controls, access control lists and audit trails. They do not come from OCRs and ICRs either. These come from gaining a good understanding of your line of business, internal organizational culture, operational practices and the vision and objectives you have for the future.

On BPMN – comment by Bruce Silver

BPMN is, by intention, outwardly familiar to business people, since it adopts the basic look of traditional swimlane flowcharts. That is both a blessing and a curse, as it leads people to think they can use it with zero training. But BPMN’s value comes from its defined semantics and rules and expressive power beyond what you get in flowcharting, and you need training for that.

On BPM RFPs – Brian Reale

If you were buying a car, would you sit down and make a list of features and then send it out to a bunch of car manufacturers and then base your purchase on the responses they submit? Of course not! Or what about buying a smart phone – do you look at a list of features and purchase your phone because you can “check-off” the key features? Of course not! The fact is that a software feature is not a software feature. This is true for cars, phones, or BPM software.

On BPM and BRE – Jose Noguera

Although Processes and Rules expression seeks the same goal: to determine how an entity must operate; Rules determine how an entity in a static way must operate while Processes do it in a dynamic way. So, a BPMS and a BRE (Business Rules Engine) are not the same, but they complement each other

On Social BPM – Thomas J. Olbrich

Rather than asking how processes could be better managed (we are talking about BPM after all) through drawing on all types of methods and capabilities (technology being only one of them), the trend once again seems to be to try to integrate everything into technology – at the same time as arguing that BPM should be more than technology. Frankly, I don’t see the point. Sure, we will see a wave of rebranding towards ‘Social BPM’ systems and there will be the inevitable hype surrounding it, but what will that achieve?

On Social BPM – Chris Taylor

Social BPM is the transparency that allows the non-expert, unconstrained idea to meet up with focused expertise at the crossroads of the need to improve something.

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