Posted by: Adam Deane | 29/07/2011

The Next Data Challenge

WeiboI love a good challenge…

In my quest for information, I scout multiple sources for articles:
Twitter, Blogs, Google news, Linkedin streams..
Each of these provide a different perspective, but they usually highlight the same writers, attitudes and views.
I’ve been looking for something new.

Everyone has been talking about Google+.
Personally, I’ve shunned it. (if I never use my Facebook, why would I use Google+)
No.. I was looking for something more challenging than this new Googly circles thingy.

And then I found it… The ultimate challenge

Sina Weibo

Weibo is China’s Twitter.
It has more than 150 million users (Twitter has 56 million users), with 10 million new accounts signing up each month.

I’m telling you – the challenge is fantastic.
Trying to register (with the kind help of Google Translate) was like trying to break into a bank safe.
Trying to understand how to follow someone was even more challenging… but I did it.
So if your Twitter streams are becoming predictable and you are looking for something new – take a shot at Weibo.
(* My thanks to Law Tien Soon (@tiensoon) for the recommendation.)

My other new source of information is Baidu – Google’s Chinese rival. Baidu is responsible for about three-quarters of search from China’s 450 million people online.
So if I decided to start posting a “BPM Quotes of the week” (in Chinese), it would probably look something like this:

On BPM and Myopia – Peng Peng

If we have the traditional functions of the department to consider the process of thinking, may suffer from “myopia”, focusing on sectoral interests ignore the interests of enterprises, the feeling of neglect of attention to the effectiveness of department supervisors, and also easily lead to unclear responsibilities between departments gray area . As an enterprise business processes there is a natural connection of the business, its smooth business processes is the need of various departments to corporate interests as the highest interest, work together.

On BPM and Process – Chan Dry

The past decade, said business management, there is nothing more than the process of this word into our ear drum, hanging in our mouth. Process has become the most fashionable of our time, one of the languages. However, when we ask ourselves: What is the process in the end, and further asked: processes and enterprise’s core competitiveness in the end what is the relationship, when in fact it is not easy to answer at once.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Dear Adam, congratulations for breaking the language barrier that most English speaking people find hard to breach.

    We have however been busy in the Asian market since 1993 mostly due to our capability to deal with all Asian languages long before UTF8 codepages were commonly used. So what seems to be a challenge for you is everyday business for others.

    But I do fully agree that it is important to look across the fence and to not get entrenched in our own little world.

    Regards, Max

  2. I don’t think the problem was Weibo’s support of chinese (or even twitter’s), it was ADAM’s support of the chinese language 😉 (which would have been problematic for me as well!) Luckily there is google translate.

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