Posted by: Adam Deane | 31/07/2011

Social BPM and Process Quotes

On Social BPM Perceptions – Keith Swenson

Like the blind men and the elephant, people talking about Social BPM are often talking about completely different goals and effects, without any contradiction

On Social BPM Consensus – Marco Brambilla

despite some criticism on the term “Social BPM”, I would say there is wide consensus on the need of integrating rigid BPM approaches with others that consider user interactions as crucial value for the enterprise. To my surprise, several experts agree that there is a substantial request for these technologies by customers, especially in “non-traditional” scenarios. On the other side, the state of the art of the tools and systems is still perceived as weak or only partially addressing the actual needs.

On Social BPM Arrangements – Alberto Manuel

It’s all about how you gather a team , manage interactions, distribute the tasks, erase the alarms and set clearly the outcome. It’s not about project management. It’s about human socialization and have the right persons performing the tasks

On Social BPM and Constraints – Jim Sinur

The problem with BPM today is that processes do not flex around people and their evolving roles. Why stifle the learning and adaptation with constraints? Sure you might have to add some constraints to make sure laws are not broken, but other than that you take the risk of losing out on a great better practice. One should allow a more fluid and dynamic situation for quick development of benefits from Social BPM. Don’t chain me down !

On Social BPM and Portals – Malcolm Ross

enterprises should really take a step back and think about what they’ve done with enterprise portals over the past 10 years and how enterprise portals can be replaced through Social platform adoption. It is important to look at Social much like portal was viewed. Social, like Portal, must be horizontal across systems, departments and functions and also perform content aggregation and SSO. This perspective will avoid common social platform failures, such as tying social to an individual system, or not connecting social with your enterprise systems and content.

On Process Intelligence – Marie Kuppler

“Measure first” means that you start a BPM project or initiative by automatically measuring the as-is process to establish a valid basis. The results can be used to evaluate executed processes before process transformation and process automation projects begin.

On Process and Tasks – Michael J. Cunningham

I know Business Process Management has the word process in the middle, and is therefore important. However, every process is full of tasks, activities and decisions. The client/stakeholder may not yet see how all these tasks are intertwined to make up their own work processes, but they understand the basis of all processes are tasks. So why don’t we start by capturing the tasks first? Good idea!

On Process Reliance – Bart Snel

The two top batters in the Major Leagues are hitting safely 34 to 35 times out of a 100 at bats. How would a 35% success rate impact your organization? Can you afford to have your business processes address only 35% of your key processes?

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