Posted by: Adam Deane | 13/08/2011

BPM Quotes of the week

On Process Complexity – John Reynolds

The “Make a Decision” Task for one Vacation Request is linked to all other pending Vacation decisions. Examples like these are what makes implementing “real world” processes hard. Processes seldom execute in a vacuum, and work done within one instance often influences other instances. Participants often have to consider multiple Tasks together, rather than performing each task in isolation.

On Process Performance – Rob Speck

Managing process information and treating process information as a highly valued asset is the mindset that must exist at the heart of nimble and forward looking enterprises. Without such rigor within business process management, organizations pose a high degree of risk to investors and the organization’s overall health. Immobile organizations are more susceptible to rapid market shifts and less able to innovate where necessary

On BPM and Simplicity – Scott Francis

This is just further evidence, if that was required, that Simplicity is a great design principle. If calling it “it just works” helps drive the point home and make it an easier rallying point, I’m all for it. BPM and enterprise software vendors take heed- we all need a bit more “it just works” in our software experiences. This logic also needs to inform consulting firms – we need to treat usability and user design as a first class citizen – but failing that, we consultants need to ensure that our processes “just work” for our audiences…

On Social BPM – Esther Mattick

This is clearly a very exciting time in the realm of BPM and in particular the explosive growth and adoption of Social Media principles and tools. My prediction is those who fail to embrace Social Media within their BPM efforts will find themselves extinct.

On BPM and Management 2.0 – Mike Gammage

It’s easy to see a BPM platform as the essential infrastructure for any enterprise looking to implement Management 2.0 thinking. It’s at the heart of the management innovation that MIX is searching for: To be able to see and manage the enterprise in a new dimension – process.


  1. Honored to be included in your quotes of the week!

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