Posted by: Adam Deane | 09/10/2011

BPM Quotes of the week

On Business Agility – Neil Ward-Dutton

There’s nothing at all wrong with business agility as an aspirational goal, of course: no business wants to be seen to be clumsy. What I have a problem with is when said vendors attempt to draw direct connections between a technology product – which, if deployed and used well, can improve technology flexibility – and business agility. This is when things break. “Our technology makes your business agile”, so it goes. I call BS!

On BPM and Simplicity – Max J. Pucher

Despite my apparent opposing stance, I do promote the concept of organizing a business through processes. I believe in goal- and outcome-oriented processes that are auto-discovered and adaptive. What I oppose is the short-sighted ideas of cost cutting and simplifying processes by flowchart-automating them.

On BPM and Automation – Chris Taylor

What irritates me is that so many of the automation focused tools which purport to offer BPM, offer little capability with respect to Management as I define it above. The result can easily be the automation of processes which are suboptimal, not properly understood, not properly applied and not continuously improved.

On BPM and Siri – Theo Priestley

Way back I advocated that BPMS needs a more human experience, touchscreen and such devices are growing in numbers and adoption in the enterprise, whether phone, tablet, table or projected interface. But it’s not moving fast enough in the BPM space, we’re still chained to the desk and a mouse for crying out loud to draw processes. Semantic BPM ? Give me a break, it’s wrapped in BPEL and other such gobbledegook, it’s anything but semantic and natural. I read a 136 page slideshow on the subject and it’s about as groundbreaking as BPMN 2.0. In other words, nobody will bother and it won’t set the BPM world on fire

On Case Management – Keith Swenson

So my prediction is that workers will bring their own case management system, their own workspace, to work. The reason is simply because once a professional is used to a particular environment, and they have learned how to be effective, they will be far more productive. Just like workers are bringing their personal cloud, they will bring their personal project management system to work

On BPM and BI – Esther Mattick

While the primary goal of BPMS is to monitor processes and look for ways to improve processes, those with a mature BI component are able to put decision making explicitly into the processes. This empowers the business to move beyond historical (what happened) and in-progress (what’s happening now) perspectives to a predictive (what is likely to happen) mindset where insightful forecasts allow the organization to optimize recommendations and automate decisions where appropriate.

On BPM and SharePoint – Derek Weeks

Business Process Management (BPM) and workflow continue to be a high-priority, ranking as the number-one third-party add-on application. Sixty-seven percent of the survey respondents indicated that they are using or are planning on using BPM or workflow with their SharePoint implementations. Interestingly, over twenty-three percent of participants said that over 50% of mission-critical documents are stored within their SharePoint environment. Given the high volume of mission-critical documents stored, organizations need to fully understand and automate the process flow of these documents.

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