Posted by: Adam Deane | 11/10/2011

The future of the future of Case Management

The future of futureWhat’s the future of the future of Case Management.
Let me start with an example:
I recently sat with a government office that was in charge of social services.

What was their business pain?
Social workers divide into two groups, she replied. Those that are good in the field are hopeless in the office, and vice versa. Most of them come to the profession to be in the field, not fill out forms and document cases all day. They all understand the need for documentation, but they don’t like doing it.
There is also a problem with trying to remember all of the cases after a long day and not getting the case details mixed up.
So all of the workers have tape recorders that they use to record their observations after a visit. Quick and easy to use. They can even use it while driving to the next case.

A great solution, she said, would be to transform the recorded tapes into text, and somehow upload them into the BPM system.

Gets your mind ticking, doesn’t it…
Now I’m sure there is some software out there that does VoiceToText, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make here.
We all know that Mobile is one of the obvious future trends, but let’s take it one step further.

Google has its own speech recognition technology.
It enables to search by voice on your mobile phone or PC
Google’s ambitions don’t stop at improving voice recognition and they plan to allow your computer or smart phone to speak back to you, in a “voice” that will sound increasingly natural, and even human.

Cool, but it hasn’t really taken off yet…
Google recognition technology has already a few competitors in the market, but the newest competitor is where it starts to get interesting.

Apple’s Siri Assistant is an virtual assistant application with contextual relevance.
Siri lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. Ask Siri to do things just by talking the way you talk. Siri understands what you say, knows what you mean, and even talks back.

Siri is just an example of the new generation technology. It won’t be the last example.

Imagine the possibilities of Case Management and speech recognition technology.
Forget electronic forms, forget emails, forget of returning to the office to do work.
Think of enabling field users to interact directly with the system via speach.
Social workers will be able to talk to their phones, the information sent to the BPM system which pushes a new task, and the social worker is on her way to deal with the next case. Simples.

The future of Case Management is mobile.
The future of the future of Case Management is speech recognition technology.


  1. I agree these new technologies are exciting and have much potential in our field but what I find most interesting about this story is that it is the customers asking for these things. Had this been suggested by a customer not too long ago we would probably have grinned and agreed that would be great but put it down to the ‘future’. What Google and Apple do is to make these ideas reality.

    Having said that not all customer ideas require the collective financial muscle and brain power of these organizations yet we do often ignore them (at least I know I’ve been guilty of that!).

    Looking forward to the voice activated case!

  2. Hi Adam, I find it very interesting that you position speech recognition for Case Management and not for BPM. Does BPM not need it? Do we need BPM then in this future?

    The problem is not technology. It is IT departments. I have been advocating the use of voice recognition for some time, ever since I use Dragon Naturally speaking for turning some of my ramblings into typed text. Much as I advocate the use of pattern matching technology for some time, much as I advocate user empowerment for some time over the rigidity of flowcharts.

    It is up to IT getting it and showing it to their business people and dumping all the old stuff they have been doing for too long. Hey you will need to learn to train people in using voice recognition and not code flowcharts … you look forward to that?

    We all promote change. It is not so easy when the change involves our own lives …

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