Posted by: Adam Deane | 22/10/2011

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM and Case Management – Lynn Haber

“Case” and “process” are two distinct concepts. A case contains all the artifacts, including potentially multiple processes, associated with accomplishing a given piece of work. In contrast, a process is the path or paths that a case takes on its journey to completion. The process may or may not be explicitly defined prior to the case being started, depending on the type of work.

On Goal Orientation Processes – Max J. Pucher

Let’s face it, orthodox flowcharted process management won’t survive the social and collaborative revolution because it is not really agile. Goal-oriented process behavior can be seen as an internal guide to a process that helps to clarify why we do the process and verify if we achieve it. There is no external, additional monitoring necessary.

On ACM in the Cloud – Tom Baeyens

On the other hand, the trend to Advanced Case Management (ACM) really fits well into the cloud. Dynamic management of tasks without a predefined flow matches perfect with the professional consumer needs and capabilities. The ability to associate documents and other forms of content makes it a great match. An extra dimension is added by the fact that a cloud solution for ACM enables seamless B2B collaboration.

On EA Value – Tannia Dobbins

The best way to demonstrate the value of an EA program is by helping executives and managers make decisions based on facts, rather than emotion or assumptions. “If we only have so much to spend, where do we best focus those dollars?”

On IBPMS – Jim Sinur

Analytics are becoming more important to organizations and to business process efforts in organizations. This means a better analytics platform will be need for on demand and real time analytics.

On BPM and Business Rules – David Brakoniecki

After years of making tactical IT decisions to create short-term ‘agility’, what’s left is a maze of interlocking systems built by teams lost two recessions ago. Many businesses are at the start of their SOA or Rules journey to bring order to chaos but the road is long and lonely

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