Posted by: Adam Deane | 19/11/2011

BPM and Case Management Quotes

On BPM and ACM – Scott Francis

Just because I don’t use a BPMS to tie my shoes doesn’t make it knowledge work. Nor does it mean it isn’t a process.

On BPM and Case Management – Nicholas Kitson

The reason for my acute irritation is the pious articles proclaiming this new paradigm in resolving this hither too unknown work pattern. My contention is that Case Management, DCM or ACM is not new, it is completely within the definition of Case Management, I’ll concede that it has some specific characteristics that can be distinguished form traditional Case Management but in my view these are semantics and reflect the improved capabilities of BPM solutions to manage an ever broader range of work types that have always existed.

On BPM and Case Management – Garreth McCullagh

Case Management by its nature is extremely unpredictable compared to Business Process Management, Case Management is about being able to handle to exceptions and the complexities within Business Process Management. Business Process Management requires relatively little human input to completing a business process.

On ACM and Social BPM – Derek Weeks

Email exchanges have gone on for decades. Services like LinkedIn, Skype, Facebook, and Twitter are uses by hundreds of millions, if not billions of people. The power of social BPM is in accelerating the efficiency and exchange of ideas. In the context of adaptive case management (ACM), the Social BPM capabilities we provide simply enables users to get more work done in a single context-rich environment, rather than shifting between multiple tools and communication devices to get their work done

On BPMN, BPM and ACM – Keith Swenson

BPMN was designed by and for IT folks as a kind of computer language that hopefully business people can validate. But there is no evidence that business people will ever draw or modify those diagrams. That is a job for a process professional. BPM is for process professionals to use, and it is only useful in repeatable, predictable processes. Case management is what the rest of us use: the process non-professional. ACM is not competition for BPM, it is competition for Email. Most case management today is done with documents sent by email.

On ACM – Jacob Ukelson

Both the vendor and analyst ACM communities are mistakenly worried about exactly what technical features need to be included or excluded in an ACM tool. No matter what we all think about our own aproaches – there is no single right answer. I think that is main problem of ACM – both the vendor and analyst communities immediately drill down to the technical features of the tooling – losing the bigger business picture.

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