Posted by: Adam Deane | 20/11/2011

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM without BPMS – Sandy Kemsley

There is a misperception in some companies that if you a buy a BPMS, your processes will improve, but you really need to reorient your thinking, management and strategic goals around your business processes before you start with any technology, or you won’t get the benefits that you are expecting

On Business Process Facilitation – Wolfgang Pleus

Knowledge workers do not need their processes automated. They need other tools mostly to get the right structured information at the right time. IT can help in this regard, but not via BPA. I would call this Business Process Facilitation (BPF) rather than automation.

On BPM Initiatives – Paul Lewis

It may sound strange to say, but one of the most important priorities for an organization embarking on a new BPM initiative is to identify the first process to implement.

On BPM and Business Transformation – Andrew Spanyi

Most value adding activities in organizations today involves complex, cross-functional business processes and especially the work in handling exceptions. Packaged solutions simply don’t have the functionality to handle such workflows, and modifying packaged solutions is time consuming and expensive. To improve performance, you need to look at the end-to-end business process and that means using composite applications for business process management (BPM) and case management, which is essentially an advanced form of BPM

On BPM and Accountability – Chris Taylor

Assigning ownership to process is the key to making sure that the people accountable for the success of a process have the proper authority to approve and change what they own. While it seems straightforward, this capability is all too often missing from BPM applications. Rather than centralized process data and its context, process data is stored in files on the network or someone’s hard drive. And don’t tell me SharePoint solves the problem, because it doesn’t truly centralize the data itself, just the documents that contain the data.

On Process and CMMI – Mike Gammage

Process literacy is growing. The idea of process excellence is gaining currency. Process maturity models such as CMMI are gaining ground, and even becoming mandatory in some public sector procurement. Let’s go with process and get far wider engagement, at C-Level and across the enterprise, in performance improvement. Let’s embrace the Global Process Owner role now found in some visionary organizations – and expect that it will increasingly be recognized as a senior management leadership role.

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