Posted by: Adam Deane | 03/12/2011

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM Tools – Sandipan Chakraborty

All the top notch BPM tools, available in the market are already over saturated with functionalities and features. So, the discriminating factor between any two leading BPM vendors is not the BPM tool kit any more but their capability to implement the BPM solution in lesser time by addressing all the last minute changes.

On BPM and CRM – William Band

Many CRM applications have scripting capabilities, forward tasks on, assign tasks to others in order to resolve, they have tactical Case Management capabilities, but have limited opportunities to design business processes, (also likely to be linked to an existing BPM technology). But in total, not as robust as a full BPM and Case Management suite.

On BPM Trends – Neil Ward-Dutton

However, the more notable shift will be in the other direction ?seeing suppliers aggregating core BPM technology elements with complementary capabilities: event processing platforms, business rule management systems (BRMSs), and real-time and predictive analytics tools. These platforms and tools will address the needs of those leading-edge companies looking to build on the foundation of business automation they?ve already created, to build dynamic business optimisation capabilities that can support more specialisation and personalisation in customer-facing activities, more contextual optimisation in core business operations, and more flexibility in response to changes in overall market dynamics.

On BPM Practices – Sandra Moran

From my experience working with our customers, the companies who have embraced BPM practices as essential to their management approach have had far greater success than those who have leveraged BPM to solve a few problem processes

On ACM and BPM – Keith Swenson

It is not a different in the technology, but a difference in how you use it. If the technology is optimized for self-adaptation by a knowledge worker with typical skills for that domain, then it us useful for ACM style work. If the benefits require a specialist in any kind of skill that is not common in the domain, then this removes it from consideration as ACM

On BPM and Outsourcing – Ann All

80 percent of buyers cited better access to standardized business processes as a motivating factor to outsource.

On BPM, ACM and Taylorism – Frank Michael Kraft

BPM itself is a technology to make processes more flexible than – standard software. So BPM is more flexible than standard software and ACM is more flexible than BPM. We need all of the three. No one claims that we do not need standard software in the future. Nor anyone claims that we do not need BPM in the future – at least no one I know. But yes – we claim that we also need ACM in the future. It depends on the type of work.

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