Posted by: Adam Deane | 05/12/2011

BPM Rhetorical Questions

BPM Rhetorical QuestionsEveryone is publishing their observations and foresights in the run-up to the end of the year.

Very Serious Stuff.

I had a look into the topics that I wrote about this year, and there are still some crucial questions left unanswered.

So to help you understand the true depth, complexity and effort in writing a BPM blog, and to prove the seriousness of my work – I’ve gathered a list of unanswered questions that I have yet to find an answer for.

BPM Questions still left unanswered:

1. Does the new Libyan government support BPMN 2.0?

2. If a tree falls in the middle of the forest – will ACM devotees still blame BPM?

3. Why don’t the Outside-In professionals call themselves MPB experts?

4. If Microsoft had bought out Metastorm and Global360 – Would they have called the new company “Global Microstorm”?

5. Can BPM vendors have a solution that is up-in-the-cloud and be down-to-earth at the same time?

6. If a Genie grants you this wish, can you ask for change requests?

7. Why are business analysts so scared of mice, yet they all love Mickey Mouse solutions?

8. In a workflow loop, why do you go “back and forth” if you really must go forth before you go back?

9. I understand that there are better ECM solutions than Microsofts’, but can they be hosted in SharePoint?

10. If a process outcome is indecisive, which one is it?

11. If Dracula has no reflection, why do project managers always look in the mirror?

12. Is there a process for Business Process Management?

13. Is open source software used by Wikileaks?

14. In BRM, if there’s an exception to every rule, is there an exception to that rule?

15. If techies are technical, and quizzes are quizzical – then what are tests?

16. Before they invented drawing boards, what did they go back to?

17. How many people thought of the Post-It note before it was invented but just didn’t have anything to jot it down on?

18. If a book about BPM failures doesn’t sell, is it a success?

19. Are Centre of Excellence committees not like putting a humidifier and a dehumdifier in the same room?

20. If ignorance is bliss, why aren’t more EAs happy?


  1. Very nice Adam! You should be on the stage… or perhaps your blog *is* the stage?

  2. For #12 see

    And … there IS a case for case management!

  3. Adam, once again you hit a nail in the head! Thanks, Max

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