Posted by: Adam Deane | 31/12/2011

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM Predictions – Brian Reale

I think in 2012, we will begin to see consolidation strategies occurring more obviously around verticals. Interestingly, this is where the lines between BPM software and custom applications is most blurred. If a BPM company wants to dominate a small segment of the financial services industry, their top acquisition targets probably won’t even be other BPM companies – it would be a custom application in the financial services segment.

On BPM Predictions – Ian Gotts

2012 is not the year for launching a new BPM technology product, nor is 2013 or 2014. There is enough technology already available for clients from large established, and therefore lower risk, vendors

On BPM Predictions – Stuart Chandler

Through the haze in the crystal ball, I believe we will see BPM solutions getting much closer to the right context of work. Early technology forced us to dumb down work into transactions, thus work has been forced to conform to rigid data entry and robotic steps. The context of work in technology did not equate to real world behavior. The paradigm forced us to change and conform to the technology. What I see today is BPM platforms that provide the ability to develop solutions with more flexibility, acting like partners in solving business problems.

On BPM Predictions – Chris Taylor

There will be a new focus on the technology stack versus the BPM point solution. BPM has such a diverse following that only a solution that works for many can have wide acceptance across business and technology folks. The question will be, “What can you give me for automated and non-automated work?” The most competitive products will have integration between the layers. The stack also has a social angle throughout, with heavy requirements for social at the top layers.

On Process Mining – Anne Rozinat

Today, data is not the problem – Data is everywhere. Most companies have loads of unused process data that can be used for process mining. This is a side-effect of the ongoing digitization and automation of business processes, leaving digital traces of real process executions as a byproduct.

On Process Mining – Alberto Manuel

At last something diferent that emerged in the BPM space. Process Mining is a “new” technology that can speed your improvement and adaptation efforts into a new dimension. Process Mining helps your company to understand the reality inside your company (or outside it if you have data to do inter organizational mining).

On BPM and Customer Service – Ben Farrell

Mobile and Social BPM are integral to the customer service strategies of the future. They are lynchpins in moving from a “system of record” mentality to a “system of engagement” mindset that will exceed customer expectations

On BPM and Process Quality – Thomas J. Olbrich

BPM also provides a number of challenges which must be addressed: The handover from project to operations is still largely unorganized and is one of the main hurdles for many companies. Process awareness and the process competency are generally at a low level. The management of processes is still underdeveloped.

On BPM LifeCycle – Gary Samuelson

As in business, BPM projects either produce or fail. And, in varying degrees, BPM honestly tries. Maintaining net-value is an effort of direct participation. To remain relevant… one must keep up with the pack – speed counts. This demands agile, quick development iterations and, consequently, a serious weaning from project fat. Cutting corners gets us ahead of the game. Knowing when, how, and which ballast to cut throughout keeps us in the game.


  1. Hi Adam:

    Thanks for the mention and to bring Process Mining awareness and value once again (the blue collar miner is so excited about it).

    Have a great 2012.


  2. Thanks for the mention Adam. Happy New Year.

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