Posted by: Adam Deane | 02/01/2012

BPM: Horse Racing 2012

BPM Horse racingAnd they’re off.
It’s Pirate’s Gold and Angel Eyes in the lead.
Dreamkeeper and Geronimo are close behind.
Each of them pushing ahead to gain an advantage.

It’s Pirate’s Gold first, Angel Eyes second.
Angel Eyes acquires Geronimo. What a move!
Angel Eyes slowly gains the lead.

Angel Eyes now first, Pirate’s Gold second.
The two BPM vendors are flying down the track.

But here comes Silver Treasure.
It’s Silver Treasure coming up on the inside.
Silver Treasure on the inside. Angel Eyes fighting back.
Silver Treasure and Angel Eyes battle it off here at the BPM racing track in Ascot.

Dreamkeeper is slowly closing the gap again with the leaders.
Will Dreamkeeper make it’s move now? It’s sprinting forward.
Oh my god, Dreamkeeper has faulted at the third obstacle.
Dreamkeeper is out of the race, Ladies and gentlemen. What a shocker!

Silver Treasure and Angel Eyes now battle it out.
Both using social and mobile to gain that needed edge.
Pirate’s Gold coming up behind in third.

Last stretch.
Silver Treasure and Angel Eyes are head to head as they dash for the starting line of 2012. The other BPM vendors are just behind.

And at the wire..

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