Posted by: Adam Deane | 07/01/2012

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM Predictions for 2012 – Derek Miers

So to the prediction: I think we already have a few BPM/dynamic case management (DCM) platforms that can do NBA on the fly; so the next step, which I expect to see in 2012, is to see this predictive capability dynamically combined with process mining technologies. These platforms will also need to leverage complex event processing (CEP) and social technologies to really make them usable. Of course, all of that needs to be delivered in a compelling and accessible package.

On BPM and the Olympics – Paul Lewis

It therefore leaves me to ponder why so many organizations today overlook simple business process applications which feature alerts, validations and notifications to solve their problems.

On BPM and Intelligent Business Operations (IBO) – Jim Sinur

I expect to see the advent of more IBO supported by an intelligent business process management suite(iBPMS) starting with leading edge organizations and eventually permeating many organizations over time. This is a real change for organizations attempting to leverage intelligent, agile and responsive processes.

On ACM – Deb Miller

When taking on new business policies, ACM provides the all-important balance between automating out manual inefficiencies that lead to frustrating customer experiences and using technology to improve the service provided by humans, all the while assuring transparency and adherence to regulatory requirements.

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