Posted by: Adam Deane | 14/01/2012

BPM Quotes of the week

On Tamed Processes – Craig Le Clair

The research shows that over the next five years, a new generation of processes designed from the outside in will replace the heavy packaged apps designed from the inside out that drive customer interaction today. I call these “tamed processes” to contrast with the hundreds of “untamed” processes that lurk in the shadows and dark corners of the more dominant packaged and industry-specific applications and struggle to cope with searching, filing, and entering data and cross-department human and organizational issues

On BPM and ACM – Scott Francis

When people have trouble listing which products are ACM, and which are BPM, and which are both, the “ACM” tag has some work to do to eclipse BPM. Even as it grows, it is perceived as part of BPM, not separate. Of course, BPM took a decade or more to come into its own. I don’t think it comes undone overnight.

On BPM and Process Mining – Anne Rozinat

I would counter by saying that process mining is more useful in flexible environments than for completely controlled BPM systems. One can learn a lot more because the actual process is invisible and emerges on the go. By observing what is happening, you can identify best practices and things that go wrong

On BPM and As-Is Process – Scott Cleveland

if you thought you could come up with the ‘perfect’ process – I guarantee that by the time you implement it, you will find new ways to improve it. So, the search for perfection is a wasted effort.

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