Posted by: Adam Deane | 28/01/2012

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM and Mobile – Gary Samuelson

Phones require their own native BPM application. Writing native applications feels counter-intuitive but it’s our only alternative given the constraints and limitations for mobile computing.

On Social BPM – Brian Reale

So, now what happens when you take a concept clearly defined and created by a young, ultra-mobile, and ultra-individualistic group such as Gen Y, and you apply it to the ultimate expression of enterprise (i.e. corporate) software? Can they fit together? After all, Social is the ultimate expression of Gen Y taking technology and molding it to its own wants and needs. BPM is exactly the opposite. BPM is about making people fit into a predefined world of process.

On Process and Metrics – Jon G Ryder

How can one ever know if a process is working without smart metrics? Or put another way, how can one know if the mechanisms one has put in place to achieve the business goals and objectives are moving us in the right direction, as effectively and efficiently as possible?

On EA and BPM – Sandra Moran

An organization that learns to leverage the synergy between EA and BPM will be able to more effectively prioritize projects based on this higher level context for change and therefore, identify which projects have the greatest ability to help the organization execute against its strategy

On BPM Challenges – Scott Cleveland

Implementing BPM software is the easy part of your project – gathering the requirements is difficult. If you have selected the process you wish to manage and you have documented that process [gathered all of the requirements], configuring/coding up the solution isn’t hard.

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