Posted by: Adam Deane | 04/02/2012

Process Quotes of the week

On Process Platforms – Mike Gammage

Process platforms are the future. There’s still C-Level resistance in some organizations – mostly because both process tools and process platforms start with a visualization of process as boxes and lines. So, at first glance, they are both ‘just process drawing tools’. Yawn…

On Process Application Maintainability – Neil Ward-Dutton

..vendors prefer to focus on sexy things like support for mobile devices, integration with social collaboration capabilities, cloud-based deployments and so on. When we examine BPM technology offerings in our detailed assessment reports, though, the architecture and philosophy of the of the toolset and platform in relation to application maintainability is one of the main things we dig into.

On Process and People – Jon Ryder

Process may be well conceived, designed and built and the technology may well be great, but the one factor I hear very little mention of in all the BPM ‘chatter’, is the word PEOPLE. I would strongly suggest that the absolute key to a BPM project’s success is understanding, appreciating and considering the very people involved in the process.

On Process and Organizational Culture – Michael Cunningham

The cultural aspect of processes in the organization should not be underestimated. Ever heard the phrase “that’s not the way we do it here”, or “that’s not right”, depending on the organization these may be red flags that information is not being shared openly. The willingness to share information might sound like an obvious virtue in an organization, but as we know that is not always the way of the world

On Process driven solutions – Alan Trefler

Isn’t it insane that every new channel wants to build its own siloed development culture and hardwire their business logic into the presentation channel? That’s just crazy! And so last century. People have better things to do to than enslave themselves to yet another soul-destroying software coding paradigm. The only real solution to this madness? Cross channel, process driven solutions…

On Process Complexity – Jim Sinur

A common challenge that faces organizations is how to match right people to the work on the plate at any moment in time. Because many of the work items that hit BPM are long running in nature and requires a varied skillset to complete, the complexity of doling out and dynamically adjusting work loads is a challenge. It’s much more difficult than standard work allocation formulas one finds in normal workflow situations

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