Posted by: Adam Deane | 05/02/2012

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM and Expectations – Scott Cleveland

A large part of a BPM sale includes managing expectations. If their expectations [vision] for a solution are not possible, you will not have a successful implementation. During early discussions about BPM, I ask the prospect for their vision of a solution. We would work from there to talk about what is possible and what is not. At some point, the prospect will have altered their vision of a solution to something they are comfortable with and can actually be delivered.

On Process Mining – Anne Rozinat

It is one of the big advantages that process mining does not depend on specific automation technology or specific systems. It is a source system-agnostic technology, precisely because it is centered around the process-oriented mental model explained above.

On Process Mining – Max J. Pucher

The problem is not about identifying processes but that they simply can’t be supported by flow-diagrams! In its current form PM tries to solve a problem that isn’t there in the real world but was created by BPM. Process Mining tries to find stable flows where there aren’t any but that does not mean that analyzing people interactions is useless.

On BPM and ACM – John R. D’Entremont

If I were to do it over, I would probably simply ignore the BPM comparison, simply focus on those organization that depend upon innovation and creativity, and show how ACM can support that work, without any comparison with BPM. It seems that the knowledge work support, and routine work support, are distinct problem that can be handled by different support organizations.

On BPM, BPMN and Interoperabilty – Marco Brambilla

If you have been extensively using software modeling tools, you have probably experienced the awful situation where you want to move models from one tool to the other, but this ends up not being possible. Why? Because you are using different languages? Not at all: even just moving a “standard” model from a modeler to another is a pain.

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