Posted by: Adam Deane | 14/02/2012

Valentines Day

ValentinesMy dearest

We have been together for some years now.

You are never a hands length away from me.
I’m always conscious about your whereabouts.

Without you – a part of me is missing.

Its funny how the simple things in life mystify you..

Your ability to get the hang of even the most simple ways to use the internet
– is surprisingly limited. And that truly is an understatement.

Yes, you are not as attractive as before. Ageing has taken a toll on you.

But I still find you useful, and I haven’t strayed off to prettier models.
You wake me up on time, help me with my emails and keep me in contact with the world.

So what can I say to you, my dearest Blackberry, on this valentines day.

I can truly admit that you are a piece of @#**!#!! !**!#@#*!! *@#*?#!!
And may you *@#!?!#* !#**@* !*@#!?!#!!


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