Posted by: Adam Deane | 16/02/2012

Adaptive Case Management – Global Excellence Awards 2012

ACM Awards 2012I would like to highlight a great initiative by Keith Swenson:

Adaptive Case Management – Global Excellence Awards 2012

You’re invited to submit your case study to a panel of your peers.

The case study doesn’t need to use an bona fide ACM product as long as it shows how the solution supports knowledge workers, in an adaptive case management way.

The emphasis is on Innovation, Adaptability and Impact.

The case study then gets judged, presented and published in a book.
The idea behind the awards is to gather the best ACM examples and show their value.

The readers of your case study are looking for information on how to best implement Adaptive Case Management in their organizations. It is a new and fledgling field, and the purpose of making such information available helps the entire market by reducing the incident of failure. Most of the ideas on how to organize people, and how to structure the information, are applicable in many products, yours included.

Awards Guidelines
Submissions are open to entrants worldwide and a vendor /consultant may nominate a customer and any company may submit their own case study.
There is no limit to the number of entries you can submit. Each entry requires a separate entry form and $250 handling fee.
Winners receive recognition by having their case studies published in the new book on Adaptive Case Management to release in the Fall.

Submission deadline: End of February.
The Awards Ceremony will take place at the Adaptive Case Management Virtual Summit on June 6, 2012.

I have no connection to the awards, but I’m always super supportive of initiatives in our industry, so go and have a peek at the information and registration details here Global Excellence Awards 2012 and make your own decision.

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