Posted by: Adam Deane | 18/02/2012

BPM Quotes of the week

On Big Process – Connie Moore

Big process is when senior-most business and technology leaders embrace business process change by shifting the organization’s focus from isolated BPM and process improvement projects to a sustainable, enterprise-wide business process transformation program that is then supported and driven by top executives.

On Big Process – Theo Priestley

Big Data…Big Process….Big Deal I say. We’re now expected to ignore the people who matter most and drive BPM solely from the upper echelons, which to be fair works as a general approach to BPM buy in, but completely ignores the connected and social enterprise which is gaining momentum.

On Process Mining – Anne Rozinat

Overall, my experience is that if the business is determined to use process mining, getting the data is not an issue at all. Typical drivers are that they want to understand and improve their processes, either because they have the perception that something is broken, or because they need greater transparency of what is going on to be able to react faster and become more pro-active

On BPM and BPO – Scott Francis

To the BPOs out there: invest in people and process, it is the best way to add value for your customers. But to the customers of BPO vendors – own your own processes. Improve them. Don’t let all the benefits of process improvement accrue to someone else.

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