Posted by: Adam Deane | 20/02/2012

BPM: Request for Information

RFIThe sun did not shine.
It was too wet to play.
So I sat in the office.
On a cold, snowy day.

I’d received a RFI,
That brought on a thought.
Does BPM fit every system,
Or am I causing distraught

And just before replying,
Before pressing a key.
I thought what would I reply,
If my mother asked me?

I sat there quite worried,
Swaying between gloom and slight hope.
The customer needed a solution,
That was out of BPM’s usual scope.

CRM manages customers,
ECM is for content obsessed,
BI for management portals,
So what does BPM do best?

The sales teams say we’ve got to make noises,
in greater amounts!
So, open your mouth, lad!
For every voice counts!”

But my conscience said, “No! No!
Make that customer go away!
Tell that customer,
You do NOT want to play.

Tell him he should not be here.
You should never commit.
You should not be answering,
If the solution doesn’t fit!”

I sat there, and sat there,
And thought to myself.
Why should answering an RFI
cause inconveniencing oneself.

So I answered all of the questions
And I wrote what I meant.
(One should always feel comfortable with the answers
One hundred per cent)

I’ll keep away from RFIs,
For a bit and a while.
So I can live with my conscience,
And walk along with a smile.

So my question is simple.
Take a second or two.
Well…what would YOU do
If your mother asked you?


  1. BPM’s the solution
    Looking for a problem to solve
    It will only work well
    If your companies resolve

    Looks to focus on issues
    A customer hates
    Not just worrying about cost
    and spinning political plates

    My poetry is awful
    Dr Zeuss would confess
    But your post made me smile
    So I’ve hit RSS

  2. Thats an amazing reply James! I sit here in awe and feeling sore
    I wish I could rhyme maybe next time

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