Posted by: Adam Deane | 25/02/2012

BPM Quotes of the week

On Checklists – Mike Gammage

Organizations and individuals, across all industries, often applaud the idea of checklists – but have some reason why they are ‘special’ and should be exempt.

On Big Process – Brian Reale

I am often asked by analysts who our biggest competitor is. My answer is almost invariably “custom projects” or “custom code” or “specialized software.” Sure, we lose a few deals here and there to other BPMS vendors, but not really very often and not consistently to the same player(s). There are a few possible explanations for this:
1) The BPM market is much more fragmented than we think;
2) The BPM market is not nearly as well delineated as we think;
3) The BPM market is not as stable as we think.

On Process Mining – Neil Ward-Dutton

Because in this context, process mining techniques and technologies help to address an immediate pain point that an established community of industry practitioners have. Specifically, how to quickly discern the actual state of work in a given area of a business to provide a reliable foundation for analysis of improvement opportunities.

On Passive BPM – Christian Günther

Abandon the idea of “controlling” process execution, where constraints and rules are dictated from above to prevent mishaps in execution. Replace it by a “trust and check” model, where knowledge workers enjoy complete freedom. Through periodic process mining analysis, management can spot quality or efficiency problems reliably and early on, and then take appropriate action to prevent it from happening again.

On BPMS Acquisition – Scott Cleveland

What is cost of procrastination? You will learn far more attempting to implement a solution than you will researching the alternatives. You will never get back the dollars you spent while you were looking for that perfect solution. And, you will never find the ‘perfect’ anything. So, what are you waiting for?

On BPM and Delphi Exercise – Sanooj Kutty

Every first entrant to the world of BPM encounters 2 key terminologies without fail; As-Is Process and the Turn Around Time (TAT). By defining the As-Is process and identifying the current TAT, we can go ahead and model the To-Be processes and look at improving the TAT for a better customer experience


  1. Thanks for the mention Adam!
    Brian’s right, btw… on all three counts.

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