Posted by: Adam Deane | 26/05/2012

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM and Silos – Derek Miers

I think we would all agree that BPM and business architecture set out to overcome the issues associated with silos. And I think we would also agree that the problems associated with silos derive from functional decomposition.

On BPM and Silos – Jaisundar

One of the most fundamental benefits of business process management (BPM) is the opportunity it presents for rethinking the process and breaking free of the grip of a decades’ old “silo” mind-set.
Another BPM benefit hinges on your ability to break free from this siloed thinking to foster the power of a perspective that de-couples processes from applications, while also exploiting the transactional competencies of applications

on BPM and Silos – Scott Francis

The challenge is that you have to get mindsets to change – software alone won’t do it for you. The software can make it easier to visualize the new world without silos, but there’s still a lot of heavy lifting to do with the organization and culture.

On BPM in the Cloud – Theo Priestley

A process is still a process no matter where you stick it, you could easily orchestrate it as efficiently on-premise, Cloud does not equal efficiency as an outcome. Let’s dispell some of the myth right here

On BPM Impact – Tom Molyneux

BPM has the very same problem nearly everywhere. Enormous resources are invested getting to the point where processes are agreed upon and ready for use by the employees. But how to truly affect the organization and get things done in new and better ways? This is a very real challenge that confronts all organizations at some point in their ‘process lifetimes’.

On Processes and Procedures – Craig Reid

The easiest way to think about processes and procedures is in the level of detail of the information. Processes can be described as being at a “high level” and operate across the organization’s varying functions, whereas procedures sit at a “low level”

On Process Change – Brad Power

Engaging workers as drivers of process changes may seem like it’s slowing things down, particularly in implementing a revolutionary enterprise system. But what’s your alternative? You either pay upfront and get worker ownership and sustainability of changes, or you pay later to get buy-in and overcome resistance


  1. “A process is still a process no matter where you stick it, … Cloud does not equal efficiency as an outcome.”

    Lovely, I would argue that sticking it in a cloud hides it, and makes it even more likely to go wrong

    Thanks for the quotes

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