Posted by: Adam Deane | 30/05/2012

Up Periscope!

Up PeriscopeBloop… Bloop… Bloop…

Up Periscope!!

Hatch opening… Ahh, fresh air after 3 months in a virtual submarine…

“Virtual Submarine” is a situation where a group of developers cut off communication from the outside world, in order to focus on a specific project.
No interruptions, no phone calls, no emails… no social life…

It’s hard to focus when the phone rings, an email comes in that needs answering,
weekly meetings, or someone begs you for an answer to “one quick question”…

Techies loves challenges, love to be creative, love to be the best at what they do.
The buzz, the adrenaline, the great feeling of crossing the finishing line first.
The sacrifice is worthwhile.

I’ve recently joined a new BPM startup, a small company, small team, very motivated.
The emphasis is on creating a solution, instead of a platform.
Off the shelf processes, tasklist, checklists, reports etc..
It’s not the new messiah, but a niche that I think is missing in the BPM world.
The proof of the pudding, of course, is in the tasting. I’m curious to see the reactions.
More on it in the next few months…

So that explains why I’ve been quiet lately.
Sometimes you give up on things you enjoy, in order to focus on a specific target.

So what have I missed in the last 3 months? Not much it seems.

As I understand: Progress (Savvion) have downsized their BPM focus,
BPM in Healthcare and Mobile BPM have been heavily promoted,
the CRM industry are using the term “business process” as if they invented it,
and Gartner’s biggest advice on BPM is “to take advantage of the early bird discount which will save you $400″…

The sea ahead looks a bit choppy:
Europe and Greece, USA elections, the dollar, the Yen, unemployment figures, banks…
It will be interesting to see the impact on BPM.

Anyway, fun’s over. Everyone back to work…

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