Posted by: Adam Deane | 24/06/2012

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM and IT Credibility – Mark McGregor

Before being able to undertake major enterprise BPM projects, we first have to rebuild the credibility of IT within the eyes of the business; until we can get back that level of trust it is unlikely that they will allow us to undertake what is in effect major surgery on the business

On the Future of BPM – Anatoly Belychook

By contrast, 10 years ago the process management discipline has undergone radical changes both in methodology and technology: continuous improvement instead of one-time reengineering, integrated BPM Suites instead of separate modeling tools and workflow engines, agile development instead of “waterfall”
This time it’s about “in addition”, not “instead” hence the talk about “the death of BPM” is either speculation or provocation.

On ACM and Customer Experiences – Max J. Pucher

The ability to manage not only cases and processes, but internal programs and projects and connect them to strategic objectives and operational targets ensures that processes aren’t just executed as analyzed, but actually as a positive customer experience requires. It is the next step for BPM to enable business to create and perform as required without the need for complex projects.

On Case Management – Theo Priestley

Let’s face it, sometimes there isn’t a need for it, and to make it happen you’re still drawing process maps….where’s the dynamism in that ?!

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